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Factors that Influence Secondary School Teachers’ Acceptance of E-learning Technologies in Teaching in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Abdulrahman Mohammed Alzahrani University of Lincoln, School of Education, UK

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Technology (JRCIET)

ABSTRACT: T   he researcher used the technology acceptance model (TAM) to investigate the attitudes and factors, which influence secondary school teachers’ acceptance of e-learning technologies in teaching in the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Using a questionnaire, data was collected from 38 secondary schools, and 509 valid usable responses obtained. The participants were chosen at random, and hence the sample is not discriminatory in terms of teachers’ gender, subject specialisations, ages and others. The data was analysed by using SPSS 21.0 package and the Smart PLS 2.0 program, The findings indicate that the TAM can be used to explain the factors influencing teacher technology acceptance, in Saudi Arabian context.