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Role of theater in promoting identity and the development of the capacities of adolescents, Jurun experience (Case Study)

Dr. Randa Mahmoud Rizk Fakher – PhD Professor of Educational Media Faculty of Specific Education Cairo University

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Technology (JRCIET)

Extract: T   he current research aims to develop the capacities of the adolescents, which is considered one of the important stages and sensitive in terms of building human is an individual and building a community in terms of being an entity. The current research also focuses on promoting the positive values of this category and interest in developing their skills and to highlight attempts to support and assist that group which can offer innovative and innovative solutions through training on some important experiments monitored by research. It also appreciates the various initiatives being offered to that category. The research aims to promote the values of national identity and human values and nationalism in general. The research records some of the problems facing the community, to highlight the importance of the value of work and its benefit to the individual and society and the benefit of this for the state. The current research used the descriptive approach that is because it has an excellent ability to study the situation in a systematic scientific way and to provide realistic, correct and accurate results on the situation which are studied. That approach is commensurate with the situation we are studying, as it can describe a comprehensive, good, adequate and sufficient description which is required in order to arrive at the correct and sound results. This research included a case study through Jurun experience; it is an important experiment that has spread the theater in all Egyptian villages and it began to make plays out and quickly received acceptance and was welcomed by the people of these villages where the texts were proposed by the villagers in proportion to the problems they face and suffer from. The experience touched the problems of the villagers, so the reaction was impressive, one of the most important findings is that attention to adolescence creates a healthy society in the future, and that theater plays a prominent role in addressing the problems of society. It has a sensitive role in education and instilling positive values in individuals and societies and the research found that there is a wide gap between rural and urban people, The difference is in the level of thinking and culture due to lack of potential and the spread of negative habits. Keywords:Theater, theater, education, adolescents, children, teacher, village, prep, primary, abilities, skills, classes, talent, innovation, creativity, thinking, identity, home, education, ignorance, countryside, Beware from Mastka Play, Days of the Week Play, Lion Flying Play, Kafr El Ghalaba Play.