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Evaluating Cultural Content in EFL Secondary School Textbooks in Saudi Arabia

Zohour  Ali  Sulaiman Hawiti Department of Curricula and Teaching Methods Faculty of Education and Arts University of Tabuk Dr. Nayel Youssef Saif Associate Prof.  of curricula and Instruction Dr. Mohamed Farrag Badawi              Associate Prof. of TEFL

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Technology (JRCIET)

Abstract: A    Textbook is an important instructional means for both teachers and students everywhere in general. Thus, a textbook is an effective instrument for the educational practice through which values and senses of individuals and nations can be reflected. Therefore, the present study attempted to evaluate the cultural content of the pilot edition of the EFL course “Flying High” assigned this year 1435 / 1436 h to selected High School . The researcher focused on the analysis of Saudi-secondary stage textbooks with the ultimate goal of identifying the cultural contents included. The data of the cultural content in the targeted sample of EFL text- books were collected by three ways: one is the theme of the whole unit; including the gist of the pre-reading, the second, will be the cultural information in details embodied in the pre-reading.  Thirdly, a checklist was developed for exploring the cultural content embedded in secondary stage textbooks. In a general sense, the cultural content of the target three textbooks are not adequate to support common Saudi cultural values. Accordingly, the cultural content of the target three textbooks should be rewritten to match common Saudi cultural values.