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The Effectiveness of Various Types of Feedback on Primary Stage Students' Writing

Engy Mahmoud Ahmed An English Language Teacher Prof. Dr. Aly A. Qoura  , Dr. Samah Rezk Hassan Prof. of Curriculum&Instruction(TEFL)Faculty of Education Mansoura University

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Technology (JRCIET)

Abstract: T   his study aimed at investigating the effectiveness of using various types of feedback on students' writings at the primary school to enhance their ability to express their ideas. This study adopted the quasi experimental design. The participants of the study were forty students in the sixth year primary school. They were divided randomly into three experimental groups. The first one received oral conferences feedback while the second one got peer feedback. The third group was provided the traditional written feedback directly by teachers. Instruments of the study were a pre-post EFL writing test and a writing rubric to assess pupils' writing according to the identified sub-skills. The instruction using various types of feedback was applied in the first term of academic year (2016/2017) and lasted for two months. The findings suggested that using Oral Conferences Feedback   affects students' writing in a positive way than providing only the traditional written feedback from teachers or Peer Feedback. Oral Conferences Feedback enhances students' motivation to practise writing skill. It provides opportunities for pupils to negotiate the meaning and clarify teachers' written Feedback. Key Words: Writing Skill- Oral Conferences Feedback- Peer Feedback- Teacher Written Feedback