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The Effectiveness of Consilience on Teaching Science Supported with Visual Arts in Developing Some Primary Stage Pupils' Visual Thinking Skills and the Attitude towards the Relation between Science and Arts

Eman Mohamed Ibrahiem Elhosiny Prof.Dr. Hamdi Abul - Fettouh Otiefa Prof.of Curricula and Science Education Faculty of Education – Mansoura University Ass.Prof. Mohamed Roshdy Abo – Shama Associate Prof. of Curricula and Science EducationFaculty of Education – Mansoura University

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Technology (JRCIET)

Abstract: T   he purpose of this study was to investigate that the subject of this study was to determine the role of consilience on teaching science and the educational system in Egypt influenced students' attitudes towards the relation between Science and arts. It has provided insights about the visual thinking skills influence students' visualization of science concept, how visual arts shape students' learning attitudes to increase pupils' academic achievement. The study utilized E.O Wilson's (1998) aspects to consilience (unity of knowledge) theory, which it is a special form of integration. Primary Stage Pupils' came from homogeneous background in terms of different education systems in Egypt have been participated. The results shows the correlation between achievement and attitudes towards science and arts is equal (0.454), and between attitudes towards science and arts and visual thinking skills is found to be equal (0.408). This research is advocated for consilience on teaching Science supported with Visual Arts to promote visual thinking skills and attitudes towards the relation between science and arts. Implications of the study is science curriculum might be welcome based on the Sci-Visual Art education and supported Science Content with consilience may be presented as a Superior method. Keywords: Consilience, Attitude, visual thinking skills, Visual Arts, Sci-Visual Art.