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Creative Self-Efficiency Among Special Education Department Students '' High Achiever and the normal '' at Alqaseem University

Dr. Fatima Sahab Jalawi AlRashidi Alqaseem University

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Technology (JRCIET)

Abstract : T   his study aimed to investigate the creative self-efficiency among special education department students '' the,  High Achiever students and the normal students '' at Alqaseem University, in the light of the educational level, the sample of the study consisted of special education department students of ALQASEEM  University. in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who were randomly selected,  (204) students, (62) of High Achiever students, and(142) of normal students .The results of study indicated that the creative self-efficiency was high, where the creative self-efficacy of creative thinking domain placed the first class, whereas the self-efficacy of creative performance placed the second class -There were statistically significant differences at (α=0.05) due to the achievement of ( High Achiever/normal ) in all domains and on the total degree, in favour of High Achiever students.-There were statistically significant differences at (α=0.05) from second to forth year, in favour of the fourth year in self-efficacy of creative thinking area and in tool as whole. Keywords: Creative Self-Efficiency,  Special Education Department Students, High Achiever, normal.