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Studt of an Intervention Program for Students with Dyslexa in A primary School in the UAE

Elazab Mohamed Elazab Elshazly Special Education Department College of Education United Arab Emirates University

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Technology (JRCIET)

Abstract              T   his paper aims to explore the effect of an iPad program and the usage of different downloaded apps to help students with dyslexia on reading, writing and spelling abilities in two classes of an open elementary school. The investigation takes after a blended strategy approach (survey; face to face interviews; pre-posttests). Twenty (20) third graders male students with dyslexia, going to English as a Foreign Language classes were the members of the examination. Students' implementation on spelling, reading and writing abilities were tried after trained through an iPad intercession program with multisensory applications. The experimental group's implementation (10 students with dyslexia) was contrasted with the control group's (10 students with dyslexia) educated through non-PC based, techniques. A pre-appraisal test was directed for assessing the reading, spelling and writing abilities of the two gatherings of understudies before the mediation. After eight (8) weeks, both groups were involved in post-tests for evaluating their performance on reading, spelling and writing skills. The examination found that the students' with dyslexia aptitudes were enhanced after the iPad intercession program rather than the students taught through standard strategies. Keywords: iPad, EFL, dyslexia, multi-sensory approach, iPad applications