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An Online Training Program Based on International Electronic Medical Journals Criteria to Develop Egyptian Physicians' Academic English Writing Skills

Aya Maher Tawfik Mohamed Ali, Prof. Aly Abdul-Samea Qoura , Prof.  Adel Abd AlHaliem AlSheikh Mansoura University, Faculty of Education, Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Technology (JRCIET)

Abstract: T   his study explores the learning experiences of 30 non-native English-speaking physicians who participated in an online training program for academic writing and publication skills which consisted of 2 monthly with 2 hours per sessions. Participants identified barriers to writing, had time to write, and completed at least one research article. Participants provided written responses to questionnaire questions about their learning experience, and at the end of the program, participants identified manuscripts submitted for publication, and completed an evaluation rubric. The result shows that this academic writing program facilitated the knowledge, and support needed skills to foster writing productivity. All participants completed at least one research article by the end of the program and 67% were able to publish their research articles in high-impact journals. It is suggested the physicians' academic writing and publication's productivity requires continued follow-up.