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Scenarios: A new perspective for critical speaking in EFL contexts                        

Dr. Ali M. AlShehri Associate Professor of Linguistics College of Science & Arts in Baljurashi, Al Baha UniversityKingdom of Saudi Arabia

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Technology (JRCIET)

Abstract D   ue to a growing interest in scenarios, and considerable investment in the EFL contexts, the current study examines the relationship between scenarios and language learning with particular reference to critical speaking skills. It provides a semi detailed review of literature on scenarios: definitions, pedagogical approaches, elements, types, objectives, characteristics of good scenarios, and creating scenarios. It reports on scenarios in EFL contexts shedding light on language teaching, authentic learning and knowledge management, ending with the practical use of scenarios in education. Under the title that reads critical speaking skills, the researcher documented some attempts  for developing critical speaking skills – that he could reach. For integrating scenarios and critical speaking skills, the study provides some guiding teaching scenario-based situations, followed by discussion for implications for applied linguistics. And finally, the study ends with the conclusions reached, some recommendations to be considered, and some suggestions for further research. Keywords: scenarios, critical speaking, EFL contexts.