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Investigating Preparatory Year Students' Recognition of Universal Values at University of Tabuk

Saud M. Alshammary PhD Assistant Prof. of Curricula & Instruction Faculty of Education and Arts, University of Tabuk, KSA

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Technology (JRCIET)

Abstract I   n a turbulent world, higher educational institutions are requested to better humanize the courses offered to students in order to enhance cross-cultural understanding and to maintain diversity tolerance among world nations. For achieving such goals, imparting universal human values in higher education programs could be one of the effective measures. Responding to such crucial question, the current study attempted to investigate Saudi preparatory year students' recognition of universal values at University of Tabuk and the extent to which preparatory year courses target such values. For collecting data required, a list of universal value was prepared and two questionnaires were developed, validated, and implemented. The surveyed sample was (106) preparatory year students at University of Tabuk. Data analysis revealed three main results. Firstly, the (15) suggested universal value were approved by (10) university professors. Secondly, preparatory year students highly recognized the 15 universal values. There were no statistically significant differences in students' value estimation due to their academic majors. Thirdly, the participants admitted that the current preparatory year offered courses highlight the target universal values. However, more explicit orientation courses on universal values should be offered. Advanced courses should be evaluated in the light of universal value principles. Key words: Universal values, University majors, Higher education.