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Online Project based Instruction in English Language Learning: Theory and Practice

Dr. Hasnaa Sabry Abdel-Hamid Helwa                           Lecturer at Department of Curriculum and TEFL Instruction- Faculty of Education- Benha University-Egypt Dr.Shaimaa Sabry Abdel-Hamid Helwa Lecturer at Department of Mass Communication-Faculty of  Specific Education- Benha University- Egypt

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Technology (JRCIET)

Abstract T   he aim of this research paper is to investigate the effect of online project based instruction on English language learning. It provides theoretical background about online project based learning, and then clarifies how it can be used for developing English language. Project-based learning-powered by contemporary technologies is a strategy certain to turn traditional classrooms upside down. When students learn by engaging in real world projects, every aspect of their experience will change. The teacher's role shifts, he or she is no longer the content expert and student behavior also changes. Instead of following the teacher's lead, learners pursue their own questions to create their own meaning, even the boundaries of the classroom change. Teachers still design the project as the framework for learning, but students may wind up using technology to access and analyze information from all corners of the globe. Key words: Online project, Language learning.