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YUsing SCAMPER-based Activities in Teaching Story to Enhance EFL Primary Stage pupils' Speaking Skills (An Exploratory Study)

Ghada Anis Fahmy , Prof. Aly Abdul-Samea Qoura, Dr. Samah Rizk Hassan Mansoura University , Faculty of Education, Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Technology (JRCIET)

Abstract T he purpose of this study was to examine the effect of using SCAMPER-based activities in teaching story in developing  EFL primary stage pupils' Speaking Skills .The study adopted the quasi-experimental design that involved two groups ; an experimental group and a control group. The sample of the study consisted of sixty pupils randomly selected from six grades Fakhr Dakahlia Language School in Mansoura city, thirty pupils represented the control group and thirty pupils represented the experimental group. The current study was delimited to the Creative Speaking Skills. To fulfill this purpose the researcher designed and used two instruments; a pre-post test for measuring the pupils' Creative Speaking Skills and a rubric. SCAMPER-based activities were administered to the experimental group for eight weeks, whereas the control group was taught in the traditional way. Results of the study indicated that there was a statistically significant difference between the mean scores of the experimental and control group in the post administration of the Creative Speaking Skills in favor of the experimental group. This revealed that the use of SCAMPER strategy led to a significant improvement in the pupils' Creative Speaking Skills. Therefore, it was recommended that Ministry of Education should hold trainings for EFL teachers in using SCAMPER strategy in teaching story, in order to help their pupils develop their Speaking Skills.                                          Key words: SCAMPER strategy, Creative Speaking Skills.