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The Effectiveness of Using an e-Mind Mapping Software Based Program in Developing Faculty of Education 2nd Year English Majors' Vocabulary Acquisition and Use

Dr. Howida M. A. Masoud                                                                       Methods of Teaching English (TEFL) Faculty of Education, Minia University,  El-Minia, Egypt. Dr. Omnia Latif Ibrahim Methods of Teaching English (TEFL) Faculty of Education, Minia University,  El-Minia, Egypt.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Technology (JRCIET)

Abstract T   he present study was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of using an e- Mind Mapping Software based program in developing vocabulary acquisition and use of second year English majors at the Faculty of Education. A pre-post control group research design was used to achieve the research objectives. Sixty students were randomly divided into two groups: the treatment and the non treatment groups. The treatment group students were trained in the e-mind mapping based program to develop their vocabulary acquisition and use. The non treatment group students were taught the same content through the conventional method of teaching vocabulary. Tools of the study included needs assessment questionnaires to determine the sub skills of vocabulary acquisition and use that were most needed by second year English majors, a training program in vocabulary skills, a pre-post test in vocabulary acquisition, and a pre-post test in vocabulary use. Analysis of data obtained by students (using t- test) revealed that the treatment group significantly surpassed the non treatment one in the post performance of the tests. Discussion of these findings, recommendations and suggestions for further research are presented. Key Items: Vocabulary acquisition - Vocabulary use -