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A Study To Assess Efectiveness Of Stuctured  Teaching Programme On Knowledge Regarding Prevention Of Tuberculosis Among B. Sc. Nursing Students Of Selected Nursing Collegeses At Jodhapur, Rajasthan  

Likhamaram Choudhary GNMTC Govt. Hospital, Barmer, Rajastan, India  

Journal Title:Tantia University Journal of Homoeopathy and Medical Science

   At the global level  the highest tuberculosis infected persons live in India. The rate of infection is so high.in our country  communicable disease are most prevalent among the population. India is one of the largest and most important developing country of world, in this country, public health emphasizes more on communicable disease, malnutrition and reproductive health care. Tuberculosis is one of most common infectious disease known worldwide. it is the seventh leading cause of global disability.  Tuberculosis is transmitted by aerial route from an infected patient to a healthy subject and is facilitated when the receiver is immunologically sensitive. Even when the risk of transmission is low, measures should be taken to prevent emission of bacilli, their suspension in air and inhalation by sensitive subjects, especially immunodeficient subjects. Surveillance of hospital staff and preventive antituberculosis regimens are generally recommended, but often quite controversial. The most important and effective means of preventing new infections is to eliminate the sources of transmission. Therefore, the first priority of TB control programs is to ensure that active disease is diagnosed as early as possible (a process called case-finding) and that patients are treated with an effective antibiotic regimen until they are cured (which is called case-holding). A TB control program should not embark on other activities such as screening until it has achieved the benchmark of 90% successful completion of therapy for all patients with active disease. Prevention of transmission requires prompt respiratory isolation of people with suspected pulmonary or laryngeal TB.. Key word:  Assess, Effectiveness, Structured teaching, Knowledge, Prevention