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Implementation Project Based Learning on Local Area Network Training

Dhami Johar Damiri

Journal Title:International Journal of Basic and Applied Science (IJBAS)

The main indicators of vocational technology education students learning outcomes is the achievement of competence according to the demands and jobs requirements. In reality the constraint prosecutions has not yet achieved optimally because of lack of competence on the suitability of the industry with technological competence in vocational schools. This problem requires vocational education technology to innovative measures to empower all components of education in schools to improve and enhance the quality of learning. Innovative learning model can be used in vocational technology schools is project-based learning. This model is a contextual learning through the activities of the complex job. Project focus on concepts and principles learnings discipline of studys core, involving learners in problem-solving investigations and other meaningful tasks, giving students the opportunity to work autonomously construct their own knowledge and ultimately produces a real product. Scope of this project-based learning model includes components: lesson plans, learning implementation, and evaluation of learning outcomes. While the implementation of an integrated model of learning is jobsheet, consisting of: information sheets, instruction sheets, operation sheets, self check, and test .