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Importance of Observation as Pointers to Similimum in Acute Lower Respiratory Illnesses in Pediatric Age Group

Dr. Priyanka B. Sontakke Assistant professor at merchant homoeopathic medical College, Mehsana, Gujrat, PhD Scholar, Tantia University, Sriganganagar, India

Journal Title:Tantia University Journal of Homoeopathy and Medical Science

Background-Observation is one of the most important phenomena in Homeopathy as well as in Paediatric age group as they cannot express themselves through speech. Need of selecting this topic for study is that respiratory tract infections are the main cause of children’s morbidity and mortality both in developing and the developed countries and the aim to study the importance of observations as pointers in arriving at the similimum in Acute Lower Respiratory Illnesses in Paediatric age group. Methods- This is a prospective study done on 60 patients with suffered from acute LRTI. Symptoms were classified into common and characteristic symptoms and observations. These observations converted into observational rubrics. Result- out of 60 cases in 47 cases, only observations were useful to arrive at similimum. While in 54 cases more than 50% and all observations were useful to arrive at similimum. Pathology also considered with observations in many cases for selection on similimum Conclusion- In 97% cases observations useful for formulating reportorial totality. In 72% cases observations useful for arriving at similimum. In 70% cases observations are useful for Materia Medica differentiation. Key word:  Observations, acute lower respiratory tract infection, common observations, characteristic observations, observational rubrics, repertorization, similimum.