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Double Blind, Randomized Clinical Study to Evaluate Efficacy of Collagen Peptide as Add on Nutritional Supplement in Type 2 Diabetes

Sheena Devasia , Suresh Kumar , Stephena PS , Naoki Inoue , Fumihito Sugihara and Keiji Suzuki

Journal Title:Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Food Science

Dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP IV) inhibitors are currently used to manage Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Peptides derived from collagen has been stated to have DPP IV inhibitory properties. A double blind randomized trial has been conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of collagen peptides (CPT) as nutritional supplement in subjects with type 2 diabetes. Resistant dextrin, a non-digestible dietary polymer, has been used as active comparator in this study. The subjects have been advised to consume 10g per day either CPT or resistant dextrin for 90 days. There is significant reduction in fasting blood glucose (FBG) and HbA1C in three months study period in subjects who have taken oral ingestion of CPT. Insulin sensitivity measured in as HOMA IR has been improved significantly in CPT group. Study demonstrates the potential role of CPT as add on nutritional supplement for the management of type 2 diabetes.