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Creating Human Speech Identifier using WPT

Dr. Amjad Hindi; Dr. Majed Omar Dwairi; Prof. Ziad Alqadi

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Human speech signal is widely used in various vital applications such as computer security system, speech signal usually has big size, which make it difficult to identify the speech by direct matching, sample by sample, so the process of using an efficient and accurate method of creating speech print is an important task in speech identification process. In this research paper we will introduce a wavelet packet decomposition, the generated wavelet packet tree will be analyzed in order to create a unique features (identifier) to each speech signal, we will show how wavelet packet decomposition is flexible in creating speeches identifiers by providing a variety of selections, each features selection will lead to generate a unique and small in size identifier, which can be used later on in any application requiring human speech recognition.