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An Encounter Of Pregnant Women With Ultrsound Scan In Ghana

Thomas Zieme

Journal Title:Texila International Journal of Nursing

A critical review of an article on that sought evaluate the experience and perception of Ghanaian women in the use of ultrasound scan in antenatal care. A cross–sectional survey of three public hospitals in Ghana. The study used the random sampling method to select a total of 337 participants .The review a purposive sampling because the participants were chosen based on the researchers judgment of the qualifications of the respondents who undergone ultrasound scan during pregnancy and had delivered successfully, to take part in the study. The study revealed that a good percentage of pregnant women were not given any information about ultrasound scan by health workers though most of these clients perceive the usefulness of ultrasound as a tool. The study recommended the need for health workers ,midwives, sonographers and obstetricians  to give information about ultrasound scan to clients before and after the interventions. KEYWORDS Women, Ultrasound, Antenatal, Ghana, Medicine