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The Effectiveness of Group Reality Therapy on Happiness and Anger Control in Female Head of Tabriz Amdad Committee

vahidh Alipur Notash 1   Hassan Amari 2   parenaz banisi   3 1 M.Sc. Islamic Azad University West Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran 2 Assistant Professor, Islamic Azad University, Iran, Tehran 3 Assistant Professor, Islamic Azad University, West Tehran Branch, Iran, Tehran

Journal Title:New Approach in Educational Science

Abstract The present study titled the Effect of Group Reality therapy on Happiness and Control of Anger among Female Wives of the Tabriz Relief Committee, aimed at measuring the effect of this therapeutic approach on increasing happiness and anger control. The research method used in this study was a semi-experimental study that was carried out using a pre-test and post-test design with control group. The statistical population of this study was 120 women who were the head of household. Among them, 30 were selected according to pre-test scores and were randomly assigned to experimental and control groups. To obtain the data, the Oxford Happiness Scale of 1989 and the Anger Questionnaire of Williams et al. 1996 were used. The data were analyzed using covariance method and analyzed using SPSS 24. The results showed that the group's reality therapy with 95% confidence reduced the amount of anger among the female head of the family; it was also concluded that the group's reality therapy with 99% confidence increased the amount of women's happiness Became the head of the family. Accordingly, it is concluded that in order to increase happiness and reduce the amount of anger in women, this treatment method can be used.