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The Effectiveness of Life Skills Training on the National Identity of Preschool Children in the Cheoram area

maryam monfared   goodaez veysi

Journal Title:New Approach in Educational Science

Target: The purpose of this study was to study the تاثیرآموزش of life skills on the national identity of students in preschool in the چرام region. the test method was a semi - test of a pre - test and pre - test type. The statistical community consisted of 95 preschool students who had a volunteer coach who were selected by random sampling method of 75 people as samples without control group. research tool for the national identity questionnaire with the پایایی of 92. It was. the data were analyzed using the method of analysis of one - way variance analysis (ANOVA)and comparing the independent t - test and t - test of the wilcoxon test. Findings: The results showed that there is a meaningful relation between the national identity of preschool children and learning the skills of life, and there is no significant difference in other variables, such as the job of mother and gender. Conclusion: Taken together, the national identity seems to be influenced by the educational, cultural and social variables of the school and should be addressed to all.