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Investigating and Explaining the Impact of E-Learning on Integrated and Optimal Human Resource Management in the Performance of Staff Managers in the Ministry of Education

Ghadir Ghadiri Alamdari   1   Ali Asghar Enayati 2

Journal Title:New Approach in Educational Science

Information technology as a new infrastructure has attracted much attention in the empowerment of employees in organizations. Thus, the purpose of this study was to investigate and explain the impact of e-learning on the integrated and optimal human resource management in the performance of staff managers in the Ministry of Education. This research is a survey research method. The population of this study was 487 people. The sample size of the study is 216 people through Morgan Jersey table. The data gathering tool in this study is exclusively a researcher-made questionnaire. In this study, univariate t and chi 2 were used to test the hypotheses. Statistical calculations were performed by SPSS. According to the data analysis and the results of the research hypotheses test, the implementation of e-learning courses has a significant impact on the integrated and optimal human resource management on the performance of managers and on the reduction of educational and administrative costs. And it is effective in changing organizational culture and enhancing learning, and ultimately affecting the performance of department managers in the Ministry of Education.