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Specifics of using RES in Apartment Buildings

1Ján Koščo*, 2Marcela Taušová, 3Peter Tauš, 4Dušan Kudelas, 5Miloš Špirko

Journal Title:Advance Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Discoveries

The use of renewable energy sources is already becoming a common part of construction and renewal of family houses. For apartment buildings, the use of RES is determined by various factors, which are moreover very difficult to generalize. Therefore, when considering the owners or managers of apartment buildings on the installation of renewable energy technologies in the energy system of the house, it is best to give concrete examples and possibilities of such devices. In their presentation, it is necessary to point out all aspects of the impact of the given technology on the operation of the house – both positive and negative. But we do not have to look for inspiration only at domestic ground. KEYWORDS : RES, apartment building, RES technologies, consumption profile,