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Manganese (VII) Adsorption Kinetics from Aqueous Solutions Using Watermelon (Citrillus Lanatus) Peels as Adsorbent.

U. Augustine* 2B. Ishaq, 3T.M. Akpomie, 4N.B.Matthew

Journal Title:Advance Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Discoveries

This research work investigated the adsorption of manganese (VII) ions from aqueous solution onto watermelon peels. The study was carried out to assess the possible use of watermelon peels as a low cost adsorbent. The influence of the following factors; contact time and initial metal ion concentration on the adsorption capacity has been studied. The percentage removal of the metal was observed to increase with increase in contact time; 10-40 minutes. The result indicated that activated watermelon peels could be effectively used for the adsorption of Mn(VII)  ions from aqueous solutions. First order and second order kinetic studies were carried out. The kinetics study conformed to pseudo second-order model. KEY WORDS: adsorption, maganese (VII) ions, watermelon peels.