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Histological changes and hyperlipidemia criteria for triton and therapeutic efficacy of Punica granatum husk extract in liver tissue of male white rabbits

Ansam H Ali, Ahmed H Ahmed, Zinah I Khaleel

Journal Title:Annals of Tropical Medicine & Public Health

Background: Triton is a non-ionic surfactant that acts to raise or increase intestinal absorption of fat through its emulsification process. It changes the permeability of cell membranes and thus causes cell lysis and increased susceptibility to infection. Antioxidant effects of pomegranate studies have shown that pomegranate seed extract contains compounds with an antioxidant capacity of 2 to 3 times more than green tea. The present study aimed to study the effect of triton on the histological structure of white rabbit liver and to try to get rid of the effects of triton used alcoholic extract pomegranate husks. Methods: Observational and behavioral symptoms were observed in triton-treated animals, such as lack of water and food intake, inactivity in the movement and tremor with diarrhea. Results: The results of the study in the second group (G2), only injected with triton under the peritoneum at a concentration of 0.1mg/kg, showed the histological changes caused by triton in hepatic tissue with negative changes in tissue represented by degeneration of the majority of hepatocytes. In other regions, hepatic cell size swelling, cytoplasm and Kupffer cell numbers were observed, while the inhibitory effect and cellular repair of the histological structure of the studied organ were observed in the (G3) group, injected with triton under the peritoneum and dosed with pomegranate extract at a concentration of 1mg/kg, while no changes in tissue structure were shown. The liver in the fourth group (G4), dosed with pomegranate extract only at a concentration of 1mg/kg, according to the studied concentration compared to the control group (G1). Conclusion: From the results of the present study we can say that the extract of pomegranate husks has an effect in eliminating the effect of Triton as well as in cellular repair of liver tissue. .