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Physiological effect of Avapidsnehana and MutralDravya on Renal Calculi (VatajAshmari)

Kawarkhe Santosh Dnyanbarao, Ramesh M. Bansode, and S. S. Sant

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Diet plays an important role in pathogenesis of kidney stones .Mutrashmari– Urolithiasis is a consequence of complex physiochemical processes which involves sequence of event in the formation of any urinary stone i.e., consequence of imbalance between stone promoters and inhibitor in the kidney. Urinary stones are the major cause of Morbidity. Increased incidence of Urolithiasis in this industrialized world is associated with improved standards of living and is strongly associated with race, ethnicity and religion of individuals due to its specific life style and bad habit of food intake. The identification of common, modifiable risk factors for Urolithiasis may result in new approach for treatment and prevention. With these objectives, in this study,the Avapidsnehapan, Abhayarishta and Pashanbhedchurna are used widely for the management of Mutrashmari. These have Vedanashamaka(Reduced pain/Spasm), Mutrala(Diuretic property) and Ashmaribhedaka (Lithotriptic) properties in them. In the present work, we tried to study the combined effect of Avapidsnehapan, Abhayarishta and Pashanbhedchurna with respect to disintegration/ expulsion of the calculi.