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Role of Vyayama in the Prevention of Hridroga w.s.r. to Heart Diseases

Rajiv Amal, Jigisha Patel, M V Patel, S N Gupta and K B Patel

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Charaka described 107 marmas in the body. Among these Basti, Hridaya and Murdha are three marmas considered as pradhanabhuta marma. If Vatadi dosha are vitiated through the nidana sevana, these three vitiated doshas also vitiate the prana and its ashraya sthana – marma are also responsible for the development of different diseases. Vyayama has direct effect on the causative factor of dosha dushti, which ultimately affects vital organs like Basti, Shira, Hridaya etc. According to modern concepts exercise improves muscle tone, work capacity, appetite and blood circulation, which helps the heart muscle to become strong and more efficient. In addition, the entire circulatory system works more efficiently due to vascular dilatation and cholesterol reduction. Exercise reduces fatigue, weight, reduces stress, anxiety and depression, which are the ultimate causative factors of heart disease. Vyayama is a one of the best concept for prevention of diseases of Hridaya (heart).