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Physiological Impression on Ojas and its Pathological Glimpse

Dadhich N.K and Sharma Pooja

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Ayurveda is essentially the science of life. Ayurveda has scientific background and will provide stimulus to new and original renovation from the remodelling of theories and concept. One of the basic fundamental concept or view of Ayurveda is Ojas. Ojas that balances almost all assiduous essence of nutrients and zeal level in body. Everyone is known with the term of immunity that is compared with Bala or Oja in Ayurveda. Ayurveda is science of life i.e., of Ayu. For longevity of Ayu, Aahara is important. Its Ayurvedic concept of Karya-Karna Sidhanta in this Aahara is Karya & Karana is Ojas. Oja is sara of the all the Dhatu’s (tissues) and important part of all the Dhatu’s from Rasa to Shukra Dhatu’s. It gives all the positive ponders of the life and is precious for living. All livelihoods are harboured and sustained by Ojas & if it diminishes or shrinks it leads to abandonment of life. Numerous authors and saints have mentioned about Ojas therefore we have different concepts on Ojas. Hence, this review article endeavours to make clear understanding of Ojas as saints said in texts with its normal and abnormal points.