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Mamsa Dhatu: an Image of Nutritive Buildcon of Body

Aniket A Shilwant and Niraj F Mandod

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Mamsa is one of the seven constructive build icons of body namely dhatus. It is widely accepted by all the Ayurvedic scholars who named it as Pishit, Taras, Palal, Raktateja, Medaskruta, Kravyam, Aamisha and so on. It helps in formation of Mamsa dhatu in the body with its principle site in body as muscles, tendons and skin. It maintains the metabolism of Mamsa dhatu in body by Mamsadhara kala which is also concerned with the same. Irrespective of Panchabhautik origin, Mamsa dhatu has Prithvi mahabhuta in its dominance, Vasa (Omentum) and Tvacha (Skin and its layers) as its Updhatu (Accessory tissue) and Kha mala as its excretory product. The well build musculature of a person indicates good and proper nourishment of the individual. This excellence of a Mamsa dhatu seen in such a person is resembled by Mamsa sara purusha with its specific symptoms. Mamsa dhatu is formed by the metabolic process over Rakta dhatu by the respective Dhatwagni viz., Mamsadhatwagni. Thus any kind of abnormality or deviation in this process leads to disorders oriented with Mamsa dhatu and certainly having an impact over upcoming Dhatus in series. Abnormality of Mamsa dhatu prominently shows emaciation, muscle wasting type disorders impairing overall health of human health, thus leading to lack of immunity and surrendering to any disease easily. So it carries an important role for sustenance and longevity of life.