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A Conceptual Study of Dry Eye Symptom Complex as a Purvaroopa of Netraroga in Over Users of Computer

Nilakshi S. Pradhan1 * and Pravin M Bhat

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

In today’s lifestyle a man can have all sorts of facilities available at finger touch. Though due to this, life of man is becoming luxurious but it has some ill effects on health. Extreme interference of electronic instruments, change in food habits and daily regime, all these have decreased physical capacity of man. In Ayurveda it is described that Atiyoga of Chakshurndriya is responsible for various eye complications, such as Dry eye symptom complex. Purvarooopa’s of NetraRoga are described by Sushrutacharya. Present study is conceptual study and tried to correlate association between Purvaroopa’s of Netra Roga and Dry eye symptom complex in over users of computer.