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Critical Ayurvedic Evaluation of Determinants of Deha Prakriti

Kumari Monika, Sharma Naresh Kumar, Dhiman Kamini, Meena Kedar L .and Vardhan Prabhakar

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of medicine of the world with principal concepts of tridosha and prakriti. The dehaprakriti (body constitution) of person is named according to the innate predominance of dosha at the very time of conception. Deha prakriti is the leading factor which determines the pattern of susceptibility of an individual to different diseases, their prognosis, course and complications. Hence, the ayurvedic concept of dehaprakriti is helpful in maintaining health, understanding disease and its management. Also, the ultimate aim of Ayurveda i.e., attainment of PurusharthChatushtaya viz. dharma (gooddeeds), artha (wealth), kama (desires), moksha (salvation)is possible only if person is healthy and knowledge of one’s own prakriti can be helpful in maintenance of one’s health by following proper diet and regimen. Ayurveda confers the psychosomatic constitution, as dehaprakriti, which is represented by a vibrant description of the physique, physiology & psychological make-up of an individual. The dehaprakriti is essentially genetically determined and is likely to be influenced by a variety of environmental factors to some extent. The approach of ayurveda on the subjects of determinants of dehaprakriti is quite comprehensive and vivid. The article enumerates the factors, which together lay the psychological and physical make up of an individual. The review has been prepared with the help of analysis of ancient classical texts and journals.