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JEDAN POGLED NA ŽIVOT I DJELO AKADEMIKA MUSTAFE KAMARIĆA - Dugogodišnji profesor Pravnog fakulteta u Sarajevu, istaknuti funkcioner Islamske zajednice Bosne i Hercegovine i osnivač Narodne biblioteke u Gračanici // A VIEW OF THE LIFE AND WORK OF THE ACADEMIC MUSTAFA KAMARIĆ - A long-term professor at the Faculty of Law in Sarajevo, a prominent official of the Islamic Community of Bosnia and Herzegowina and the founder of the National Library in Gračanica


Journal Title:Historijski pogledi/Historical Views

In this article, the author briefly referred to the life and work of Mustafa Kamarić, an almost forgotten professor at the Faculty of Law in Sarajevo, and the correspondent member of the Academy of Sciences and Art of Bosnia and Herzegovina, born in Gračanica. In the first part of the article, the author writes about Kamarić's youth, education and studies at the Faculty of Law, after which he writes about his employment in Belgrade, where he was in the first ranks of young Bosniak intelligentsia as a cadet, drawing attention not only as an activist, but also as a talented researcher of the then social circumstances and conditions in which the Bosniaks lived. At the same time, he was engaged in the social and cultural life of Gračanica, especially during the summer holidays and shorter excursions to his hometown. Bearing in mind that this theme has been discussed quite a lot so far, this article focuses more on the more mature era of this intellectual, his work at the Law Faculty in Sarajevo, and the contribution to the development of the legal thought, as well as his remarkable engagement in professional and social circles, especially in the highest authorities and bodies of the Islamic Community of Bosnia and Herzegovina.