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Pharmacognostical and Pharmaceutical Evaluation of Balachaturbhadra Vati - A Well-Known Drug for Paediatric Disorders

Suhas A. Chaudhary, Shingadiya Rahul K., Patel K. S., Kori V. K., Rajagopala S., Harisha C.R. and Shukla V. J.

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

It is important to treat every disease in childhood period at the earliest as it may hamper the proper growth and development of child. Recurrent cold can correlate with disease Pratishyaya in Ayurveda, which is a causative factor for another disease as it can produce Kshaya. Due to diseased condition in childhood, school absenteeism and expenditures of medicine are the burden on the family that ultimately affects the civilization. Balachaturbhadra Churna is a compelling medicine for the childhood disorders. But due to bitter taste and short shelf life, the powder form converts to tablet form by introducing Balachaturbhadra Vati. The present work was planned to standardize the finished product Balachaturbhadra Vati to conform its identity, quality and purity. In pharmacognostical work Annular vessels, Compound Starch grains, Group of stone cells with yellow content, Prismatic crystals of Ativisha; Annular vessels, Fragment of annular vessels, Fragments of sclary form, Silica deposition, Starch grain with hylem of Musta; Black debrice, Oil globule, stone cell of Pippali; Dark brown content, Fibres, Scleroids of Shringi were observed. Organoleptic features of BCV are solid in consistency, light ash grey colour, bitter odour, bitter-astringent taste, round and bi-convex in shape were observed. The pH value of BCV was 8, Acid insoluble ash was 1.89 %w/w, Water-soluble extract was 26.2 %w/w, Loss on drying was 5.66 %w/w, Ash value was 9.4 %w/w, Alcohol soluble extractive (%w/w) was 12.72 %w/w and High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography at 254nm and 366nm resulted into 4 and 1 spots, respectively.