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Role of Daruharidra Rasanjana Pratisaran in the Management of Krimigranthi w.s.r. to Blepharitis- A Literature Review

Manisha Maruti Mastud and Kalpana S.Wakode

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Ayurvedic approach for treatment of Krimigranthi (Blephrities) is to treat symptoms and prevent recovery of this disease. Krimigranti is one of the Sandhigata Netraroga which is characterised by itching, irritation, mild discomfort, occasional pain, watering and falling of eye lashes. This condition can be correlated to Blephrities which is one of the most common inflammation diseases of the lid margin. It is very common eye disorder which affects people of all age groups and generally does not cause any permanent damage to eye sight. In Ayurveda the treatment comprises of Swedana, Bhedana and Pratisaran. In present study Daruharidra Pratisaran was selected in the form of local therapy, because Daruharidra has property of quick wound healing which is useful in the treatment of pain and itching related disorder related to eyes and also having anti-inflammatory, anti-toxic property that tackles the above condition and hence selected for the present study.