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Role of Matra Basti with AhacharadiTail in the Management of Gridharasi (Sciatica)

Rita Khagram and Megha Pandya

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

A change in lifestyle of human beings has created several disharmonies in his biological system. With the advancement of busy, professional and social life, improper sitting postures in offices and factories, jerking movements during travelling and sports; all these factors create undue pressure on the spinal cord and play an important role in producing low backache and sciatica. According to Charaka Samhita, Gridhrasi comes under 80 types of Nanatmaja Vatavyadhi which is characterized by its distinct pain emerging from buttock and going towards the heal of afflicted side. On the basis of symptoms it can be well co-related with “Sciatica” in modern terminology. In spite of the different types of treatment modalities mentioned in ancient and modern medical sciences, they have some or the other shortcomings and drawbacks. Considering all these, the present study was taken up with the objective of evaluating the role of Matra basti in the management of Gridhrasi. Due to promising results of Rasna Guggulu practically proven in Gridhrasi, it was chosen as control group. Total 24 patients of Gridhrasi were randomly divided into two groups. The patients of Group-A (13 patients) were given Matra basti with Sahacharadi Tail for 14 days and the patients of Group-B (11patients) were given only Rasna Guggulu. All the patients responded favorably to the treatment in both the groups, but with Marta Basti, the therapy has shown better relief in most of the cardinal and associated signs and symptoms of the disease.