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An Ayurvedic Review of Shigru from Kosha and Nighantus Efficacy and Safety

Brijesh kumar, Kanhaiya Agrawal, Anil Kumar Singh

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Ayurveda is the life science and indicate knowledge of appropriate and inappropriate. It has many treasures of life that make man disease free, healthy and long living. From Vedic to modern era, all the researches have been directed by the eminent scholars to achieve the same. Ayurvedic form of Materia Medica i.e., Nighantusand Koshacould help significantly in this direction. There are many Nighantusthat have been written from 5th century A.D. till 20thCentury A.D, in which synonyms, properties and medicinal uses of different plants were described. Various aspects of Shigru are discuss in a chronological order from Kosha, Nighantusin this work.