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Study of Apana Vata and its Correlation with Arsha

Rashi Sharma and Vipin Kumar Pandey

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The subject of ayurveda is physical aggregation of vikaras of panch-mahabhoota and termed as Sharir. It is composed of six dhatus, i.e; Panch-Mahabhoot and the sixth one of non-physical entity that is Atma, Purush or Sharir. Tridosh are considered as the primary and essential constitutional factors of the human organism. These fundamental factors maintain the integrity of human body. Doshas are the body constituents which are responsible for maintenance of the physical integrity of the body. Sharir Vayu is that force which keeps the kapha, pitta, dhatus and malas in motion; like the wind that propels the cloud from place to place in the sky. Functions of apan vata are to retain and eliminate the feces, urine, semen, menstrual blood and fetus when required. Vitiated apana vata coming in contact with anorectal folds gives rise to arsha or haemorrhoids (piles).