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A Case Study of Vamanatwa w.s.r. to Short Stature in Children

Rutu V. Patel, S. Rajagopala and S.N.Gupta

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Normal growth and development of the child depends upon the environmental factors and genetic endowment. Environmental factors are divided into two categories, one is the proper nutritional supplementation and the other is the child’s diseased condition. If the child does not get proper nutrition and disease free condition then the child cannot achieve proper growth, the reason behind this condition is the indigestion of the food taken by child. Short stature is considered as the height of the child is below 3rd percentile. According to Ayurveda,Vamanatwa is related with VatikaNanatmajaVikara. In the present case of short stature, the patient was found having the Ajeerna, the treatment given was only related to Ajeerna and the child started to gain height. During the whole course of treatment child gained a total of 14 cm of height along with subsidence of other symptoms. This particular case study shows the importance of Agni, and management of Ajeerna in disease manifestations.