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Concept of Ama w.s.r. to Free Radicals as a Causative Factor of Diseases

Bijita Chutia and Khagen Basumatary

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Majority of the endogenous disease begins with the formation of ama in the body. It has tremendous capacity to vitiate the doshas and disturbing the homeostasis (Dhatu-samya). Ama is the resultant of improper digestion or partially digestion of the food particle due to hypofunction of jatharagni and also due to accumulation of mala in the body. It may be considered as partially or incompletely metabolised dhatu in case of dhatvagnimandya. Ama is not a single entity but is a generalized term, which can be applied to many malformed substances in the body. This ama is responsible for the production of various diseases. In modern parameters, ama is supposed to be deadly free radical. Free radical is an atom/molecule that contains one or more unpaired electron, which requires neutralization by free radical scavengers. Thus it exists in an incomplete metabolic state which is also the state of ama described as avipakvam (incompletely digested/metabolised). The present article attempts to understand the concept of ama as well as free radicals as a causative factor if diseases. Free radical theory is one of the biggest clues which help us in understanding the phenomena involved at the molecular level of ama. The above speculation leads to the conclusion that the earlier Ayurvedic concept of ama can be explained to the modern man by justifying it with the help of biochemical parameter called free radicals.