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Literature Review of Prognosis of Sushrutokta Asadhya NetraRogas

Varsha Devidas Ahire, A.B. Deshmukh and N. A. Khan

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Acharya Sushruta has described netrarogas and their treatment in Uttartantra in first seventeen chapters. Kriyakalpas are explained in eighteenth chapter. He has described seventysix netrarogas among which fiftytwo are sadhya, seven are yapya, and seventeen are asadhya netrarogas. For Sadhya vyadhi Acharya has described treatment and treatment procedure in ten chapters according to dosha. Among these seventeen asadhya diseases, four vataja diseases are Hathadhimantha, Gambhirika, Nimesha, Vatahatavartma. Two pittaja diseases are Hraswajadya, Pittasrava. One kaphaja disease is Kaphastrava. Four raktaja diseases are Raktastrava, Shonitarsha, Ajakajata, Savranashukla and four sannipataja diseases are Puyastrava, Nakulandhya, Akshipakatyaya and Alaji, Two Bahya linganasha (Sanimitta and Animitta). But in dealing with other diseases Sushruta has mentioned that Adhimantha, if not treated properly or not in time may become asadhya. According to Sushruta commentator Dalhana, among all Lingnasha only kaphaja linganasha is sadhya, while other types of linganashas are asadhya. This study is based on compiling various asadhya netraroga described by Acharya Sushruta, and comparing them with modern diseases. The aim of study is to find out possible causes of asadhyatva of those diseases. The study concluded that asadhya netrarogas described by Acharya Sushruta are incurable in ancient era due to lack of advanced surgical technologies or poor visual prognosis. Improved surgical techniques made some of them surgically curable, but most of them are yet incurable. We have to re-evaluate the prognosis mentioned by Sushruta in modern era with outcome of treatment