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An Insight of Physiology of Speech Production

Aniket A. Shilwant and Niraj F. Mandod

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Speech production is one of the highest functions of humans through which we all communicate one another, express our thoughts and views about any particular thing. Speech production is a multiphase phenomenon. It is an outcome of combined efforts of your acoustic signals, articulatory system and the musculature attached to respective organs and which is not possible with nervous assistance. An appropriate and well assisted outcome of all the above structures is, transferred thoughts into verbal notations. However, Ayurveda has a different approach towards speech production viz. Vaka pravrutti. The efforts to put sound as an outcome is initiated by Vata dosha but the other two also accompany it to bring out the fruitful result. The Vaka pravrutti is an outcome of physical and psychological impact as per Ayurveda. It has also mentioned the circulating channels (strotas) through which sound is produced and travels as well viz. Swarvaha strotas. The description of mechanism of speech production as per ancient Ayurvedic scholars needed to be studied along with modern parlance with time. So there arises a need to study more about the physiology and its neurological axis to understand and incorporate the speech symptoms as a diagnostic tool thus giving a healthy outcome of it.