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Importance of Nyayas on Body’s Well-Being – A Conceptual Study

Amardeep Kour, Gupta Vikas and Sodhi Danisha

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The human body is constituted by the requisite combination of seven dhatus and the degeneration and decay of these dhatus affect the body’s natural phenomenonas. To maintain the Swastha state, particularly the samdhatu state arresting the degeneration and decay, intake of nutritious food is essential. The food has to be properly digested, assimilated and then the nutrients have to be incorporated into the dhatus to achieve the Samdhatu state. For incorporation of the nutrients into the dhatus and to achieve Samdhatu state, important for body’s well-being the Nyayas i.e., Ksheera Dadhi Nyaya, Kedari Kulya Nyaya , Khalekapota Nyaya , Ekkala Dhatuposhana Nyaya has been explained with due importance. Thus through this research paper a light has been thrown on the importance of Nyayas on body’s well-being.