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Pharmacological Approach of SwasaharaMahakasaya in the Management of Swasa (Ayurvedic View)

Deepanjali Bora and Niten Barman

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The disease Swasa has been described vividly in the Ayurvedic classics. Ayurveda has given importance to it as a disease as well as a symptom. All the aspects, starting from the nidanas to the chikitsa are well explained in Charaka samhita, Chikitsasthan, seventeenth chapter. The chikitsa has been dealt in two ways depending upon the rogibala. The patients having good built, that is, balwana rogi and having the predominance of kapha dosha should be treated with shodhana chikitsa and after that shaman chikitsa is to be done. In the patients of poor built, that is durbalarogi and having the predominance of vatadosha, they should be treated with shamanatherapy, drugs having alleviated properties of vata. Also the children, females, very old persons are advised shamana therapy. Here, an attempt has been made to evaluate the pharmacological mode of action of swasaharamahakasaya in the management of the disease, swasa, as shaman chikitsa. The pharmacological study was done as far as possible by taking references from various Ayurvedic books. Later a co- relation was made among the properties of swasaharamahakasaya and the chikitsasiddhanta of swasa mentioned in CharakaSamhita. It was found that the relation could be well established. Details has been summarised in the paper