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Concept of Vikaravighatabhava-Abhava in Purview of Etiopathogenesis of Disease

Khagen Basumatary and Bidyapati Sarangthem

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The Ayurvedic concept of etiopathogenesis has its own perspective which follows the complex principle of specific association among Nidana, Dosha and Dushya. Acharya Charaka has meticulously explained the essence of diagnostic methodology, along with the variations in the process of development of disease in Nidanasthana. The specific variations of Vikaravighatabhava-abhava that occur due to the specific features of Nidana-Dosha-Dushya interpret the various aspects of origin and development of disease. In this concept, Caraka clears the incubation period, mild or severe form of disease, acute or otherwise conditions of disease, resistance of the body against disease and susceptibility of the body to disease. Vikaravighatabhava means presence of factors which resist the genesis of disease and Vikaravighatabhavaabhava means absence of resistance to disease. This very concept can be applied to all the diseases and is the main aspect of etiopathogenesis. By acquiring the knowledge of this principle one can master the disease genesis process and treatment process. This article will provide the platform for understanding the basic framework of genesis of a disease in full perspective.