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Comparison of Antihistaminic Activity of Sirisha and Bhumyamalaki with determination of Target Organ in Guinea Pig

Beena Tiwari, Neeraj Tripathi, Bulusu Sitaram and M. Paramkush Rao

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

In the present era human beings have to live polluted atmosphere. This has led to increase in allergic reactions directly or indirectly. These allergic reactions are manifested in the form of atopic dermatitis, hyper responsive bronchus, rhinitis etc. These days bronchial asthma is more common in every age group which is increasing by 50% every decade. Sirisha and Bhumyamalaki, both the drugs are mentioned in the Ayurveda for the management of the asthma. Guinea pig was taken to find out effect of drug on lung tissue of bronchus and lung alveoli. Histological analysis of the lungs from non-sensitized Group I showed normal lung histology. Treatment with Sirisha and Bhumyamalaki has shown reduction in tissue oedema, epithelial cell hypertrophy, infiltration of inflammatory cell and airway lumen plugging thereby decreasing inflammation and broncoconstriction, which leads to normal lumen size. However, treatment with Sirisha and Bhumyamalaki were shown significant reduction in inflammation in comparison with standard Ayurvedic formulation. Sirisha has better result on bronchospasm as compared to Bhumyamalaki and infiltration in the lung tissue was well minimised by Bhumyamalaki in compare to the Sirisha.