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Review of Pakshaaghaata w.s.r. to Cerebrovascular Accidents and its Management

Arun Gupta and Katara Pankaj

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pakshaaghaata has been classified under three types in Ayurveda i.e.,SuddhaVaataja, Anyadosha Samsrista and Kshayahetuja. A number of disease processes in modern science manifest as Pakshaaghaata. Cerebrovascular accident is the commonest disease manifesting as Pakshaaghaata. Virechana, SarvaangaAbhyanga, BaaspaSweda and some herbo-miniral formulations show better result in the disease Pakshaaghata due to CVA (cerebro-vascular accident). In this present review manuscript alternative Ayurvedic approach in the managing of hemiplegia is discussed in a systematic way.