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A Critical Review on Ghrudhrasi Vata Nadi with special reference to Dosha, Dhatu and Srotasa

Vrinda P. Kadu

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

'Sciatica’ is the name given to a painful condition in which pain originates from the buttock and radiates into the lower extremity along its posterior or lateral aspect. Many Ayurvedic authors have described Ghrudhrasi as sciatica. However, Sciatica is not a single disease entity, but a symptom complex which can be caused by any one of the several diseases affecting the sciatic nerve or its roots. Vatadosha is concerned with all types of movements in the body. Pitta is concerned with Pachana and hence it is essential for proper formation of dhatus which forms the structure of Vatanadi. The manifestation of Ghrudhrasi is due to the impairment of apanavayu,vyanavayu, samanvayu, shleshakakapha and kledakakapha along with general vataand kaphadosha. In other words, we can say that in the manifestation of Ghrudhrasi vyadhi above causative factors are equally involved.