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Modern Instrumentation Techniques in the Characterization of Bhasma - A Review

Sakhitha K. S. and K. Shankar Rao

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Safety and efficacy of Rasa medicines has been a topic of discussion since a long time. Issues are also raised regarding the heavy metal contents in rasa preparations. No doubt, preparation of rasa medicines by stringently adhering to our classical methods has always resulted in quality products. Bhasma preparations are one of the unique dosage forms where metals and minerals are converted in to safe and effective remedies through a series of pharmaceutical processing methods envisaged by the ancient Acharyas. They had their own parameters which guaranteed quality, safety and efficacy of prepared Bhasma. Though these methods are excellent and time tested and the bhasmas passing all these tests are indeed of high quality, there is a dearth of knowledge regarding the structural and chemical aspects of various bhasma and also the complex reaction taking place between the metallic ions and the phytoconstituents of plants used in the pharmaceutics of bhasma. It is here that the importance of adopting modern technology can be looked up on. Modern analytical instrumentation methods play an important role in the characterization of bhasma. Utilizing XRD, advanced spectrometric techniques like AAS,ICPMS etc for analysis of bhasmas can put aside some of the allegations faced by the rasa medicines and at the same time elevate this ancient science of metallo - therapeutics to the level of global acceptance. Present review highlights various instrumentation techniques that can be incorporated for the characterization of bhasma preparations.