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Study the Effectiveness of Vaitarana Basti in Amavata: A Clinical Trial

Vishakha Rajesh Wetal and Rajendra Huprikar

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Background - Amavata is madhyammargashrit (pertaining to bones, joints and vital point) disease. Aggravated Vata and Ama are the core factors taking part in the pathogenesis of Amavata. Basti (therapeutic medicated enema) is important treatment for Vatadosha and Vaitarana Basti (VB) is indicated in Amavata. Thus it was chosen for the study. In this study, a total 21 patients of Amavata were registered and all patients completed the treatment. Method - As Vaitarana is a Kshar-basti, Basti treatment was started first with Matrabasti(oil enema of 60ml dose) of sesame oil to gain pakvashayasnigdhata (oleation of bowels). After that one MatraBasti was followed after every two VB. Total seven Bastis were given to every patient. Basti was instilled as explained in texts (pre Basti management, Basti procedure, postBasti management). Results–Pain assessment was done with Oxford Pain Chart and results were analyzed statistically, using students‘t’ test. Calculated p-value was p<0.001. Hence VB provided significant pain relief in Amavata. It was observed that there was 50% relief in bodyache and all other symptoms of Amavata on fourth day of VB while up to seventh day total relief was obtained for these symptoms. Total recovery was achieved in 38.1% patients followed by good relief in 57.14% patients. Conclusion–VB proved highly significant in Amavata.