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Macro microscopical Evaluation of Gobba marantina Linn. Stem

Sudipta Roy, R. N. Acharya and Harisha C R

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Globba marantina Linn., family Zingiberaceae, is locally known as Chhota rasna by tribal people of Odisha. Ethno botany survey reports use of its various parts in the management of asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, cough, cold, snakebite etc. Though used traditionally, proper scientific evaluation of this plant for its pharmacognostical characters has not been reported till today. The present study reports the result of detail macroscopical and microscopical characters of its stem, being carried out following standard parameters. The chief diagnostic characters found are the presence of yellow content, prismatic crystals, oil globules etc. The observed data could be helpful to identify the stem of Globba marantina Linn at microscopic level.